Oshkosh Aces MC

The Oshkosh Ace Motorcycle Club was formed in 1928 at National Cycle, an Oshkosh Harley Davidson dealership. Our predecessors and founders of the Original club were Clarence Robl and Carl Reigh. Joe Robl, the owner of National Cycle was also instrumental in the club's creation. Club meetings were held in a building behind the dealership and the club was active in numerous racing and hill climbing activities over the years. They also won several trophies and safety awards. The "Originals" had weekly rides and other enjoyable activities, all related to the sport of motorcycling. The club was active into the late 1950's and was re-started in the year 2000 by four friends, one of whom found an early period club shirt at a rummage sale.

The Oshkosh Aces Motorcycle Club, Inc is now a thriving family organization boasting a diverse membership from several walks of life, including military veterans of Vietnam and Korea, current and retired law enforcement and variety business and trades people. The new club incorporated in 2003 as a Not For Profit organization and participates in several charitable causes in addition to our enjoyment of "Getting In The Wind" on a regular basis. One of our Originals is 74 years young and still rides with the best. We honor our tradition and strive every day to live up to it.